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The picturesque Dalmatian village and the accompanying Sovlje are located in the heart of the Šibenik-Knin county.

The advantage of Tribunj is its geographic position and the fact that it is divided into urban, mainland part and the peninsular historical core which now houses the municipal buildings, the Tourist Board office, post, rectory, cultural centre and a few hospitality establishments. The authentic image of compact houses and narrow streets is completed by a beautiful view of the two islands of the Tribunj archipelago - Lukovnjak and Logorun.

Although it has focused on tourism in the last few decades, Tribunj is still recognized for fishing and olive growing, two main industry branches that have always been the local population's means of income. According to the census from 2011, Tribunjhas 578 households and 1526 permanent residents.

The Tribunj hinterland with field and cycling paths and trails cutting across typical Dalmatian olive groves and plantations of vines and thus leading visitors to panoramic sites on the Križine hill serve as an invitation to all cyclists, mountaineers and walkers to experience the magic of this region and get a complete and picturesque overview of Tribunj.

Tribunj has two local beaches with a third one located in the nearby Sovlje. 

The longest beach is Bristak, easily accessed if you take a walk to the east from the marina, behind the Sv. Nikola pier. Its pebble shoal attracts many visitors and is especially interesting to the children. The offer is completed by restaurants and bars serving refreshments. 

West of the marina, under the Sv. Nikola hill you can find the Zamalin beach, which is considered the favourite city beach. The pine forest and the gentle mistral allow for a carefree day in the open